Proof of Infinity
 Music from Nimbus Studio

Welcome to Proof of Infinity. Here you’ll discover artists striving to create authentic music relatively unencumbered by the need to address commercial expectations. Hopefully, we are not alone in that striving. 
Our artists have their own unique take on the sounds that move them, having absorbed a range of music—contemporary chamber, jazz, experimental, progress rock, and fusion. With an important emphasis on aural space, sonic sculpting, and quality presentation, they employ the new tools, instruments, and effects made available by the continuing revolution in music technology. They love the infinite potential of virtual instruments, multi mode synthesis in a mingling of great bass and drums, voices, acoustic pianos, electric guitars, and whatever seems germane to the inner promptings that give rise to musical expression.

Under the aegis of Proof of Infinity and Nimbus Studio in Concord, Massachusetts, we present music that is, by its very nature, not easily put into commercial categories. Those looking for music with a little something extra and deeper—music almost naive in its disregard for convention—will be rewarded by what they find here.  

So, again, welcome music explorer. Be our guest and enjoy the music, have fun moving around the site, and return often for the unique music that you will always find at Proof of Infinity.



2013 Proof of Infinity